Yes, you can see when the tours are by clicking on them.

Whatever you think the tour is worth.

Is it stated on your ticket and also on the website, under the tours description?

They will be holding an umbrella and wearing a bag with our logo on

It depends on the tour. Please dress and behave respectfully whilst on tours.

If you are more than 10 minutes late, you should telephone the guide and see if you can locate them (this may not be possible if the guide is busy) otherwise you should join the next available tour.

Our tours run no matter the weather. We can run tours in the rain, the snow or the baking sun. Sometimes it is necessary to make slight changes to the route due to the weather. In the event of extreme weather, it may be necessary to cancel a tour.  Guests will be informed by their booking app and SMS message.

Please dress for the weather. Consider bringing, Sunscreen, a sunhat, sunglasses, an umbrella, a parasole, a bottle of water, some tissues, medicine, a jacket, gloves, ear muffs,  and sensible shoes for walking. Plus charge your phones so that you can take lots of photos, we are going to show you some wounderful locations!

Most of the time the guides don’t mind if you take a few photos, or make a short video. Ask them if it’s ok. . They don’t like being constantly photographed and filmed as it is very distracting for them.

Yes, Hungarian and Italian, by advanced request.

Free tours: A minimum of 5 people are required to start a tour.

Paid tours: Regardless of the numbers the guide is guaranteed to attend.

Please tell the guide that you are leaving and why.

Please check the description of the tour that you are interested in taking for details.

Our free tours are designed for individual travelers and small groups (fewer than 7). If you are with a larger group, please contact our staff to organize a private tour.

The only way our guides earn money during free tours is through tips. How much guides earn is totally up to our guests. They are the ones who decide how much the tour is worth and through tips, they evaluate the guide’s work.

Participation in tours is entirely at your own risk.

Refunds are processed automatically, if you do not receive on within 72 hours, please contact us.

Generally no, drinking alcohol in the streets is illegal. If the tour includes a visit to a bar, then yes you can drink alcohol.

All children below the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.