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Outside of the main entrance steps of Keleti Train station



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The outer part of the viii district was considered as a no-go area, deemed the gypsy ghetto, the district is often still considered one of the most undesirable, run-down, poor, and depressing parts of the city. Despite this, the area has inspired urban rappers from Animal Cannables, Arnold to Mr.Joint & Ferke. The district has inspired movies from Pál utca fiúk (Paul Street Boys), Nyolcker (The Eight District), and A Good Day to Die Hard.

The tour is very suitable for those interested in migration, and urban and architectural history. It enables participants the chance to explore the issues surrounding the district and its unique culture and vibrant history. Józsefváros is a heterogeneous and dynamically changing area within the city, and an ideal site to examine the effects of urban diversity


  • -See the faded beauty of Keleti Train station and learn about its famous past. Marvel at the details of the great arrival hall.
  • Head down to the cemetery where you can learn more about famous persons and events from Hungary's past. Be amazed at the cemetery's vast array of sculptures, and mausoleums in a vast array of architectural styles. Visit the National Funeral Museum and see the largest surviving horse-drawn funeral coach. Buy postcards of the cemetery in the visitor center.
  • Examine the very strange fate of the House of Fate Museum.
  • Hear about the Hungarian Jews and Roma who inhabited this district, whilst walking through an area often described as the gypsy ghetto.
  • Learn about the meaning of the Orczy Ter Cross.
  • Visit the infamous Chinese market; which is the largest wholesale market in ECE and explore it's gloomy past. Discover the vast warren of shops and shakes that make up the market. Which are located in the former Ganz factory. Grasp how communism impacted on the areas past.
  • Understand the gentrification, and student-ification of the area.

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Meeting Point: Outside of the main entrance steps of Keleti Train station) and look for our guides holding a yellow umbrella
  • Google maps link here
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